New Studio! New Color!

Hi Everyone! I’m in need of some creative help! Hubby is building me a studio in our home so I can get to work, but I’m having a hard time picking out the color and would love your input. I”m looking for something bright, happy, vibrant, chic. Here are some example of what I liked. Cast your votes!



3 thoughts on “New Studio! New Color!

  1. Okay, so I think I need more details to vote accurately BUT…for a photo studio, I’m thinking you want something bright to help with photos…not sure about that. I suppose you can put as much or little light on for a shoot to make things work. (I’m no photographer) So, in that thinking, I like the lighter orange color!

  2. Where in the studio is this color going? sales area? shooting area? be careful with real vibriante color in the shooting area, it can reflect on your subjects and effect your skin color…………..usually best for studio is white…..BLA or even better a dark muted tone. hope this helps but I do love the colors. hope this help.

  3. I agree with Lynette. For the sales area though I think the orange is fun! Either that or a bright sky-ish blue. :o) Good luck!

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