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Troupe Love…

So, have you guys heard about Troupe Jewelry? If not, get there now! It’s such an amazing LOCAL company where you can literally dream up ANY design you can think of… a meaningful message, your favorite image, art, a logo… the list goes on. You then create it on this site, they make it for you, +  you are able to sell your piece(s) through their venue in your own shop. No Cost, no catch,  just imagination. You get to take home the wholesale value of the product when it sells!!! Get on this you creatives!!!

This week we did a little photoshoot to help get the word and the vibe of this dope company out there. Try it out! PS. hope you love the photos I took.

Photoshoot: Troupe Jewelry
Set Styler: Kristen Lemoine
Model: Katie Morrison
Photographer: Jaclyn Altieri

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