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Passion Peoples Project

Passion People’s Project
A social media path to know and to connect. Consisting of a soulful journey filled with strangers sharing about what gives them life… what inspires them,  and what makes them feel most alive. This idea came to me while traveling to the West Coast recently. It’s actually something that has sort of been brewing inside of me for some time now. I sometimes get these moments of freedom where my mind goes to another level of thinking rather than just being on track, working the daily routine and grind. It’s in those moments where I start to wonder about what my purpose is. What brings me the most joy? What makes me feel those fleeting seconds of pure, egoless, goosebumbs of deep happiness?
Isn’t that what it’s all about?
We’re not meant to run on a treadmill all day everyday.  We are talented. We are flawed. We are givers. We are dream chasers. We tend to get caught up in this idea that money and “stuff” / materials will bring us all the love and all the fulfillment we could ever need.  The concept of PPP is to try to dig through that idea.
What were you like as a kid, when nothing mattered, when the ego was quiet?
The idea is to get people to think more deeply about what their purpose is here, rather than just following social standards. To unlock what lights their soul on fire and to create a deeper inner dialogue which will hopefully challenge people to live their most authentic life.
To follow this journey search #passionpeoplesproject on instagram + here on pinterest.
 What feeds your soul? 
To be a part of this social / soulful journey please email me here:
I want to hear your story + take your photo!



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