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Summer is Coming…

This weekend I shot for a local company that is near and dear to my heart. The HOPE Tank was created by a close friend who is more like family. They are a locally owned company specializing in all things Rhode Island pride. Representing our favorite little state but also serving up HOPE on a platter with each piece.  Tanks, hoodies, baseball tees, jewelry, hats, and anchors galore. Do yourself a favor and check them out, shop local, live local and hold tight because SUMMER IS COMING! SHOP HERE. And enjoy the pics!

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Imagine that…

Are you looking to connect with some creative souls, listen to dope music and get artsy with a positive unicorn tour guide? Well, I’ve got the place and DIY for you. Welcome to the land of HOME imagined, a space dedicated to bringing your pinterest dreams regarding your home + life into a reality. They’re holding HI DIY workshops beginning April 4th and April 6th. So come, bring a bestie, bring boos, and have a really reinvigorating night out. Check out the photos I took from last week’s workshop and get your tickets here… HOME imagined DIY workshop limited space, so hurry!

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Boho Painted Braids

Yesterday my bestie and I got to be hair models for some very insta inspiring ladies! I took some behind the scenes photos to catch all their magic. Check them out on instagram and get in on their next class HERE  if you love anything involving braids, boho, and painted hair! You’ll be hooked!  Torie is basically the Beyonce of braids and Sara is the Unicorn Goddess of color magic.  Find them here: @glambytoriebliss + @saripaints

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Troupe Love…

So, have you guys heard about Troupe Jewelry? If not, get there now! It’s such an amazing LOCAL company where you can literally dream up ANY design you can think of… a meaningful message, your favorite image, art, a logo… the list goes on. You then create it on this site, they make it for you, +  you are able to sell your piece(s) through their venue in your own shop. No Cost, no catch,  just imagination. You get to take home the wholesale value of the product when it sells!!! Get on this you creatives!!!

This week we did a little photoshoot to help get the word and the vibe of this dope company out there. Try it out! PS. hope you love the photos I took.

Photoshoot: Troupe Jewelry
Set Styler: Kristen Lemoine
Model: Katie Morrison
Photographer: Jaclyn Altieri
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A day in the life…

Wendy is an accomplished scholar, artist and children’s author. When she ask me to take some shots for her updated website I jumped at the chance. What a beautiful morning we spent together. I loved hearing about her journey, and I cannot wait read her book when it comes out!  In the meantime check out her blog here: adventureswiththepooh

(Hair + Makeup by Kristen Lemoine) 


Laura Gaffke – Revisited

The last time the lovely and talented Laura Gaffke and I got together to take some headshots it was a SCORCHA! Her studio was so hot and although she always looks so sunny and delightful, she didn’t feel her finest.  So we decided to meet a couple of months later, and here we are.  New shots, same amazing studio, inspiring art.  Check her out! Here’s a few from our most recent shoot.