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The Robin Story

Last month I met up with one of my favorite families. They are so sweet, candid, playful and always seem to find the most magical places as our backdrop.  This summer we chose the incredible Fantastic Umbrella Factory in RI, its magical setting was perfect for these amazing souls. It didn’t even feel like we were in Rhode Island anymore. Enjoy peeking in…


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The Lesters!

Meet my new friends and favorite new baby, the Lesters! These kind humans were the lucky winners of a raffle item I had donated to the Sojouner House Gala event a couple of weeks ago. I was so excited to meet them and baby Cam was the sweetest baby ever. Such a joy to shoot. Enjoy our very Christmas photoshoot at The Farmer’s Daughter. If you haven’t been it’s a Christmas dream inside every greenhouse! Seriously, the displays are the best backdrop! SO magical! Happy Holidays everyone!


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Liz and Hutch get Hitched!

This past weekend I was asked to photograph one of my friend’s wedding at the Providence Art Club. What a magnificent place. Rooms filled with charm, sunflowers, art, and of course, Liz’s father’s INCREDIBLE Van Gogh tribute paintings. The ceremony took place in the intimate courtyard surrounded by colorful buildings, and warm sunshine beaming in. Watching my friend get married to someone so complimentary to her, was incredible. Their smiles, laughter and wit was intoxicating.  Thank  you Liz and Hutch for letting me document a little piece of your lives. I wish you so much love and happiness in all your adventures together. And now, here’s a sneak peak of the photos. 

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Julie and Johnny’s Wedding Sept. 19,2009

This weekend I had the distinct pleasure of photographing Julie and Johnny’s wedding.  Julie was one of my suitemates in college, and one of the first people I met when I was just 18 years old. Fast forward 10 years, and Julie is still the same wonderful girl I knew back then, only with a few more amazing additions to her life.  James their beautiful son, and her new (funny as hell) husband , Johnny.  Their wedding reception was at the historic Winslow house in Marshfield, and everything was simple, chic.  Julie was effortlessly beautiful, and the personal touches added to their day really made it unique.  Did I mention they had kickin’ mini sliders, a KEG and the amazing cover band, The Smoking Jackets???!!! Totally unique, and totally fab! I wish them both so much love and happiness! Here’s a few pics from the night! xoxoxox

Julie and John's Wedding 2009

Julie and John's Wedding 20091

Julie and John's Wedding 20092

Julie and John's Wedding 20093

Julie and John's Wedding 20094

Julie and John's Wedding 20095

Julie and John's Wedding 20096

Julie and John's Wedding 20097

Julie and John's Wedding 20098

Julie and John's Wedding 20099

Julie and John's Wedding 200910

Julie and John's Wedding 200911

Julie and John's Wedding 200912

Julie and John's Wedding 200913

Julie and John's Wedding 200914

Julie and John's Wedding 200915

Julie and John's Wedding 200916